KES Systems is a supplier of services, equipment and supplies to the semiconductor industry

Through our worldwide network, we support the most demanding needs of our customers to assure the reliability of their products.

For more than forty years, KES Systems (a member of Sunright) has been providing support, services, and equipment to the semiconductor industry.  KES Systems is the world's premier burn-in board manufacturer and the largest supplier of burn-in services to the semiconductor industry.

KES has design, engineering, and manufacturing facilities in:
Dallas, Phoenix, Singapore, Penang, Kuala Lumpur, Taiwan, Philippines, Tianjin, and Shanghai.

Our business philosophy is simple: We want to provide solutions to our customers that make their jobs easier, support their business goals, and add value for them in everything we do.


Come find us at

Dallas, Texas Support Center
1601 N Glenville Rd, #105, Richardson, TX 75081

Tempe, Arizona - US Headquarters
1407 W Drivers Way, Tempe AZ 85284

KES Systems worldwide operations

KES Systems burn-in boards and burn-in systems

KES Systems is a member of Sunright

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